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Fulshear is designed to help women ages 18-24 overcome their emotional or behavioral issues and transition to an independent life. Request more information on Fulshear.

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Our Program

We at Fulshear are passionate about helping you become a healthy, strong and influential woman. We have specifically designed a values based program that will give you Opportunities to participate in self-Discovery, to come to know more about yourself and others.

Personal values are a guiding star. If you know what your values are you will be better able to Navigate the difficult personal and interpersonal issues that arise. You will find yourself confident in your ability to Contribute to the world you live in. Your power to Integrate into new and unique situations will increase as you become healthy, strong and influential.

We expect that as you come to live by the values that you hold sacred that you will see the Realization of your unique potential. We hope the best for you as you Launch yourself into a whole new journey!

Opportunity: In this phase you will begin to understand the opportunities that are before you. You will begin to understand the workings of Fulshear Treatment to Transition and become oriented to the program.

Discovery: In this phase you will begin to discover your values, your core meaning, core issues, family dynamics, patterns and roles. You will also begin to discover your academic potential. Additionally you will begin to discover new therapeutic and life skill tools and will implement them more fully into your life.

Contribute: In this phase you have become a positive influence in the community. You contribute actively to the community in groups, chores, planning, unity, and in participation in off campus activities. You demonstrate integrity in your lives. You are actively learning and practicing skills learned. You are seeking out ways to better your life by living out of your core meaning.

Integrate: In this phase you are beginning to integrate your learning and growth into real life situations as you look for a job, and continue to attend educational courses. You understand the difficulties with transition and work closely with your support systems to overcome challenges, continue to focus on your core meaning and thrive in the new community.

Realization: During this phase you are demonstrating your ability to put your life plan in place through living independently, and maintaining the independent living standards. You continue to make progress in therapeutic, academic, and life skill goals. You show integrity in the new community and exercise self-discipline and a positive attitude. You are supportive of the ranch community, and positively contribute to each community that you are a part of (including family, peer, work, school, etc). You will understand that making mistakes is natural and will understand how to repair your relationships and find solutions to problems.

Launch: In this phase you are demonstrating over a period of time your ability to maintain successful independent living, work towards individuation within your family and maintain appropriate relationships with peers and family members. You will develop a graduation plan, complete your master treatment plan, and have successfully prepared for transition.