A Father’s Experience With Fulshear

I am the parent of a girl who completed the Fulshear program and graduated last month(May 2015), We sent our daughter to Fulshear because we felt that the program would help her make the difficult transition to adulthood. Our daughter had expressed that “life is hard” and we wanted to help her to get into a position where she could have more positive life experiences. It currently appears that the decision to send our daughter to Fulshear is one of the best decisions that we have made in our lives. Her attitude towards life and the people in her life has changed dramatically. She no longer lives with constant anger and anxiety. She has distanced herself from some of the negative influences in her life and she has learned how to deal with her negative emotions. She appears ready to lead a happy, productive life. Only time will tell if she will totally succeed in life, but I am confidant that Fulshear has done everything possible to help our daughter have a great chance for success.

When we first visited the Fulshear Ranch facility. we were very impressed with the quality of the staff members that we met. They seemed to understand my daughter and her challenges. They also did an outstanding job of relating to her on this visit, especially the Clinical Director. He was the first therapist that seemed to understand her. Neither my daughter nor I placed a high value on therapy prior to Fulshear. This has now changed for me. Both my daughter’s individual therapy and the family therapy we participated in with Fulshear were excellent and invaluable. This therapy has made a significant impact on all of our lives and we are thankful for our daughter’s therapist.

Fulshear hosts a family program every three months at the ranch in Needville. During these events, parents get the chance to have extensive interaction with the staff. We attended three of these programs and found all of the staff members to be caring and professional. In addition, they are genuinely nice people. They have a challenging, difficult job to do helping young ladies, some of which really don’t want their help, but they meet the challenge and appear to help them all. The individual who works with the girls on recovery from addictions seems especially effective. He does numerous presentations at the family programs and I have great confidence in him. The family programs will also give you the chance to interact with other parents. This will help you with the perspective that you are not the only parents dealing with challenges.

In summary, I believe that sending our daughter to Fulshear Treatment to Transition was the right thing to do. Unlike many of the other clients at Fulshear, our daughter had not attended other residential treatment programs. We feel that we are fortunate to have picked a program that has a positive, lasting impact on her life.