Ashamed of Having Mental Illness?

If you could tell the world just one thing about Mental Illness what would it be?

This question was posed about two months ago to a group of young adult women who joined together to discuss ways they could raise awareness on mental health issues. Each of the women are a part of Fulshear.  Our unique program serves women ages 18 – 24 who struggle with complex behavioral and emotional issues that keep them from moving forward in their relationships and lives.

Many of you reading this can probably relate to this discussion as it ended up taking a direction that focused on their personal battles with mental illness and things they wanted to impart to others…to help alleviate suffering. Sadly, there remains a lot of stigma and confusion for people dealing with mental illness. They each wrote their personal declaration as a way to empower others. As many of you have personally faced similar challenges we wanted to share one with all of you. We are interested to hear your declaration to the world! We would love to share your thoughts with our women and also want you to know we are here to be a support to you and anyone you know who may be suffering with these life threatening and debilitating illnesses.