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One of my biggest passions in life and here at Fulshear Treatment to Transition is the power of advocating for YOU!  Your needs are the most important entity to our vision here. As staff we take the time to listen, respond and advocate for you. You are the reason why we are here, if we don’t advocate for your needs then you will likely fall back into believing your core issues. These cores issues come in various forms from not feeling heard, not being worthy enough of our love or care, and never feeling good enough for yourselves or others. Our goal is to help you realize your potential.  We are here to fight for your needs in treatment and in the outside world.

Advocating for your needs, wants and desires are crucial to the relationships we build with you. If we don’t start by building a relationship then we won’t know the best place to start the advocation process. We focus on relationship building every day.  We bring a large number of people into our environment to all collaborate together to help you along you journey. Fulshear’s treatment team comes in to help our clients learn so many different things in life to helpyou apply skills you have learned. This is advocating…caring about your needs, wants and desires. Your voice is worth listening to and worth fighting for.

We must seize every opportunity to engage, listen and empower you to find the love in yourself each day. You are worth fighting for but most importantly you can recognize the power of advocating for yourself. We know you can realize the power of your own voice.

Sara Somers

Fulshear Residential Supervisor