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Even young women who have had a successful adolescent treatment experience can be overwhelmed by the transition to college, career, and independence.  Some drop out of college, others fail to launch, and many “boomerang” back to their parents’ care again and again.  This is where an all girls aftercare program can help.

Continuing treatment in a young-adult aftercare program can mean the difference between a failed launch and successful one.  To ensure that young women can confidently transition from adolescence to young adulthood, select an aftercare option with support in the following key areas:

  • Academics, including accredited high school and college coursework, learning support, and equivalency tests
  • Vocational preparation and work experience
  • Experiential life-skills training
  • Continuing treatment
  • Single gender*
*Why Single Gender?

All girls’ aftercare programs can accelerate and shorten the treatment process.  This is particularly important for young women who have fallen behind in their journey toward independence due to longstanding emotional and behavioral problems.

All-girls’ treatment has been shown to facilitate emotional engagement, verbal confidence, and self advocacy—critical elements for preparing young women for independence.

Fulshear Ranch Academy has been providing highly specialized, research-validated, all-girls treatment for nearly two decades.

Please contact us for more information about our clinically sophisticated single-gender treatment solutions for adolescent girls and young women.