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Borderline Personality Disorder, At Last, Has Its Own Magazine

Gilbert, AZ – September 25, 2013  – With public awareness given to various mental illnesses, such as depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia, the least attention, until now, has been on one of the most prevalent mental disorders, Borderline Personality Disorder. 

Borderline Personality Disorder, a debilitating mental illness indicated by emotional dysregulation, unstable relationships, sexual promiscuity, impulsive and risk-taking behavior, self-injury including cutting and other forms of self-mutilation, and many other challenging symptoms, is among the most prominent mental disorders in existence. 

In The United States alone, over 6-10 million people, about the population of New York City, have Borderline Personality Disorder. That is twice the number of those with both schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.
1 in 10 of those with BPD commit suicide. 33% of all youth who commit suicide have features or traits of BPD. This number is 400 times higher than that of the general population. BPD has a suicide rate 800 times higher than the general population, as well. 

BPD Magazine believes that early intervention and treatment, in addition to proper diagnosis, is critical to lowering these shocking statistics. 

55-85% of those with BPD self-injure their bodies. Only 25% of those with BPD work full time jobs and many with BPD also receive long-term financial and living assistance of some sort, whether from family or state aide programs. BPD receives less funding from the government than any other mental illness. 

Males, when compared with females, usually end up in the penal system, for lack of proper diagnosis and treatment. It is estimated that over 40% of men in prison have BPD.  BPD Magazine also maintains a prominent goal of educating and helping men with BPD, both those in and out of prison. 

The good news for those with BPD is that with the right treatment, recovery is a much greater possibility than that of other mental illnesses. It is a widely-known fact among mental health professionals that recovery from BPD is possible, through the right combination of psychotherapy, psycho-education, medication and support groups.  

BPD Magazine, the world’s-first print magazine to ever take on BPD is a powerful publication, with contributing and feature writers including MD’s, PhD’s, counselors, social workers and those living with BPD in some form or another, as well as loved ones of those with BPD.

BPD Magazine is not a “pop” magazine, rather a well-written, quality periodical with highly-credentialed writers and massive national and international distribution. It is endorsed by leading mental and behavioral health individuals and organizations.  

The goal in putting out this first-ever BPD Magazine is to raise awareness and educate the public on Borderline Personality Disorder. It aims to show the world that this tragic disorder needs no longer be ignored and swept under the rug.  

BPD Magazine includes regular columns on health, politics, treatment, therapy, personal experience prose, art, poetry, and much more. It is a quality publication and one that will benefit millions, as there has never in all history been a printed magazine on Borderline Personality Disorder.