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House View

Before coming to Fulshear Treatment to Transition, I attended an intensive residential treatment program in Utah. Towards the end of my stay there, my therapist at that program told me about my progress I was making and told me that I should consider what my next step should look like.

Honestly, I knew that I wanted to go to a young adult transition program, the problem was, which one.  I started my research by looking to see which programs had the least amount of restrictions, the fastest average stay rate, and of course, the boys. I was looking for an easy way out. I wasn’t looking for a place where I was able to reach my highest heights and achieve my everlasting change. I remember coming across the Fulshear website after being recommended to come to this program by my old clinical director. The program didn’t mean anything to me, and I thought that this place wouldn’t be able to change me.

I remember the day when I realized this program won’t change me, because I am refusing to change. I’ve been in many treatment programs before and I knew that I didn’t want to keep flying under the radar. I needed to find a program that would benefit me, not a program that felt like a vacation. It definitely was a difficult decision to commit to Fulshear, just like any other program.

My anxiety and my struggles with my self-esteem left me in a huge pitfall prior to coming to Fulshear. I was worried about the change and being in a different environment, it’s the unknown piece that scares us all. Even though I had to take a huge risk and jump in, it is so worth it to me, now. The judgments I had on this program, really just mirrored myself, and I knew this would be the right fit for me.

By AB, a client at Fulshear Treatment to Transition.

Fulshear is a young adult transition program for women ages 18 – 24.  Our mission is to provide opportunities for each woman to realize her unique potential, create a personal design for her life and influence her community. We combine ranch life with educational, employment, counseling, and adventure services to help clients create lives they will be passionate about living. We strive to lead the treatment world in launching healthy, strong and influential women.

For more information, please call 979-985-3236 or email [email protected].