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“Last year at this time our family was distraught with the idea of sending our oldest daughter to a treatment center.  Not only was this completely unfamiliar territory for us but also, in addition, we had read incredibly horrible reviews concerning the treatment center, Fulshear.    I quickly arranged a meeting with the director of Fulshear, in an effort to understand why such reviews were posted on the internet.  The explanations provided made perfect sense to me and upon leaving the facility I knew this was the place for my daughter to be.

She arrived in August 2013 and she graduated in August 2014.  What we thought would feel like ten years, ended up as one very quick year filled with more power than our daughter’s 22 years of living all piled together. She transformed herself from the inside out. She was given tools and taught how to use them when the going gets rough.  She worked together with the Fulshear team to dig deep and to uncover the culprit behind her suffering.  All emotions were felt strongly and dealt with in a rational manner in an effort to teach our daughter to manage potential tough times ahead.  Friendships were made, bonds were formed.  Fulshear Ranch has a knack for creating a safe-haven, a place where the young women know that what they share about themselves is okay.  It’s all okay. The therapists work as one big support team all based on truth and trustworthiness.

In August 2013, our daughter attempted suicide.  She asked us to send her to a treatment center.  We found Fulshear for one year.  One profoundly impactful year! One that changed not only her life but our entire families as well. September 2014, our daughter is now living in a country very far away from home.  She is thriving, attending university, making a whole slew of new friends, cooking, singing, and so much more. Most importantly though, she is happy.  Isn’t that what we all want for our children?  If you are contemplating whether or not you should send your daughter to Fulshear, ask yourself this question, what’s more, important at this very moment in time than your child’s sense of inner peace and contentment?  If your answer is “nothing” then it’s time to take the next step and begin working on that goal. Fulshear is the place to begin.

Wishing you well,
Very grateful mom from Los Angeles”