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The following letter from a recent Fulshear parent is representative of the powerful experience many parents have when they participate in our family weekends.

The names in this letter have been changed to protect privacy, but Fulshear can provide a list of parents to speak with if you are a prospective client who is interested in hearing first hand what it’s like to be a Fulshear parent. 

Dear Gayle,

We wanted to take a moment to thank you for a wonderful family weekend at Fulshear.  We really did not know what to expect, but I am happy to report that we had an unforgettable weekend with Jill.  It was refreshing to see our daughter clear headed and drug free.  Her laughter was infectious.  She has more work to do, we know, but she is clearly on her way and headed in the right direction.  Jocelyn said she can’t remember when she had such a nice time with her daughter.  All weekend she kept repeating, “Who is this kid?”

A Great Family Weekend…

The parent weekend that you put together was informative, helpful, and put our minds at ease.  A parent can only hope that they’re making the right choices when it comes to their daughter’s life and future. You helped settle our minds regarding our choice of Fulshear this weekend.

I was impressed with the thought and preparation that went into every aspect of the weekend.  Every therapist knew about Jill, her condition, and wanted to see her improve in her life.  We met with Michelle on Friday, and I assumed that she was the only one who really had a handle on Jill.  I was wrong.  Each person we met knew Jill, her problems, her personality, and they all wanted to see Jill succeed.  That is comforting for a parent.

The Right Therapist for our Daughter…

Our only contact with Michelle prior to the weekend was via email, phone or Skype.  It was incredible to see her in an actual therapy session.  I spent most of the session watching her reactions to Jill instead of Jill!  I know in my heart that Michelle is the right therapist for Jill and I was very impressed with the way she handled Jill, Jocelyn, and me in our session.  Do what you have to do to keep Michelle at Fulshear!  She is a gem.

The family weekend was not only informative, but you designed exercises so the parents could become closer.  That is not easy to do, because most of us feel guilt, shame, embarrassment and an overall uneasiness about our daughters’ conditions and treatment.  You and your team were able to break down those walls and make us feel comfortable to communicate and open up with each other about our struggles as parents.

Creating a True Parent Support System…

On Tuesday, you led an exercise where we stood eye to eye with another parent.  It was very uncomfortable for everyone.  I chose Randy (Mailyn’s dad) because we had kind of hit it off and I felt comfortable with him.  As we looked at each other, we both started to tear up because we saw the same thing in each other’s eyes.  We both saw a loving father who is in pain and who just wants his daughter healed.  You cannot find two guys with more testosterone, but your session brought out a different side of us.

When we all said goodbye, Randy and I hugged and promised to keep in touch.  He said he would check on Jill and I promised to check on Mailyn.  We also exchanged numbers, addresses, and emails with every parent in attendance.  You helped us create our own powerful support group.

Your Amazing Team…

You have taken the time to put each part of the puzzle (i.e. the Fulshear team) in place so that everyone knows their jobs and responsibilities, and takes their work seriously.   When Lucy and Diane can make hanging with horses fun for Jocelyn, you have worked a miracle.  It was nice to connect with each and every therapist regardless of whether they treat Jill.  I got a great education on BPD from Jeff and some of the other therapists.  You can read all the books published on a condition, but you get the best handle on it when you can talk face to face with a person who treats it every day.

One question that I had all weekend was, how can all of these wonderful ladies and gentlemen not get emotionally caught up with the ups and downs of these young women that they deal with day in and day out?  We have only dealt with one girl, and she almost put us in our graves.  How can you and your team deal with 25-40 girls each and every day?  How do you not give up in the face of all the drama and when you see a girl that you have worked so hard with fall and backslide?  I asked Allyson Smith that very question.  She looked me in the eye with that beautiful smile and those dimples and said, “We do get emotionally involved.”

That said it all.

Our Prayers are with Fulshear…

I want you to know that God chose each one of you to do this job.  Everyone on your team is special.  They are unique and they change lives.  I went to work today and had a better appreciation of my work. I thought my job was tough.  My job is a piece of cake compared to what you do.  I cannot thank you enough for the work and effort that has gone into Jill’s’ treatment.

I have prayed every day that God will heal my daughter.  I now pray that God will have his way with you and your team to continue to do the wonderful work that you are doing not only with Jill, but with all of the girls.  I will pray for 100% graduation rate and success. I will also pray for you and your families.  Thank you so much.

God bless you and our new Fulshear family,

M & J