Blossoming And Blooming

Blossoming and Blooming Fulshear Treatment

My heart is heavy, my heart is strong
I know exactly where I belong
At this treatment center which will help me
It will give me new lenses that will help me see
My therapist will walk by my side
There will be many tears that will be cried
My peers will guide me and hold my hand
The staff will pick me up and help me stand
Not a day goes by that I question my choice
To come to treatment and use my voice
To pick up the pieces and ask for what I need
To grow tall I must plant the seed
Coming to treatment was pretty hard
I was dealt a painful deck of cards
I wanted to quit day after day
But everyone’s hope helped me stay
So I keep on fighting this journey ahead
I cooperate each day and take my meds
I was once so low, so stuck on the ground
Through therapy though I have found
If I ask for what I really crave
I can grow tall and be quite brave
A healthy, strong, influential girl
Set out on a journey to survive this world
She struggled at times and fell on her face
But then she realized recovery isn’t a race
She stayed at Fulshear and learned to keep fighting
She kept a journal and never stopped writing
She learned to love what she had
She learned its okay to feel a little sad
No need to scream to get people to care
She thought her emotions were too much to bear
But deep down inside she knows she will win this fight
All she had to do was turn on her light
The light to her soul, the light to her heart
She had a rough journey from the start
But that didn’t stop her; she kept on believing
This girl is a miracle, she keeps on achieving
Thanks to the staff and all of her peers
She learned to move past all the hard years
Thanks to Fulshear she blossomed and bloomed
Even though she thought she was doomed
This girl saved her life; she won the war
She faced her demons and lived by her core
Now she is thriving and living each day
For her to be happy is all I will pray
She lived her core meaning and did HSI
She no longer wished that she would die
Flying high and soaring fast
This girl has won and conquered her past


photo by tdlucas5000