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COVID-19 Response

We know that coronavirus information is changing by the day and even by the minute. We will be updating this as necessary to keep you regularly posted on things going on at Fulshear as it pertains to the prevention of COVID-19.

We are diligently working to ensure the best care of our clients as well as those who are caring for them. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with our clients, their families and our referral partners. We are intent on maintaining a sense of normalcy and routine in our programming. We are business as usual, and our business is to help our young women and their families to heal. The more we stay focused on treatment, the more stable we will remain for our clients. Programming at the Ranch and in our Transition Program remains the same.

We are requiring that all of our staff wear masks. We are also continuing to encourage good hygiene and self-care. Hand washing, temperature taking, cleaning office surfaces, and monitoring any clients or staff is a priority in preventing the spread of this and any other illness. We are eliminating extracurricular activities that would take the clients and staff into large crowds.We will always continue to abide by CDC guidelines in our preventative care to minimize and prevent potential exposure.

Again, the goal is to minimize unnecessary contact that may potentially spread the virus through our community. We will continue to revisit this as additional information comes out.

Despite all the news and some of the fearfulness associated with the virus, we continue to focus on the treatment of our clients and families. We have not, nor do we intend to, slacken our efforts to launch healthy, strong, and influential women. We are so grateful to be on this journey and will continue to take our role very seriously.

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