Dealing Drugs to Deal with Life

Do you struggle with regulating your emotions and coping with them by using self-destructive behaviors; such as using drugs, physically harming yourself, and/or avoiding most interactions?  If you are able to answer yes to any part of the above question you are not alone. Fulshear Treatment to Transition is here to help you and your family understand what may cause these self-destructive behaviors. The staff at Fulshear as well as the clients understand what you are going through.  Do no wait until things get completely out of control before getting the help you need; especially if you are physically harming yourself and/or using drugs to cope with your emotions.

Choosing to get help is the number one step to begin the healing process.  Fulshear staff are here to help young women just like you. Please remember you are not alone.

If you cope with your emotions by drinking or using substances, please see the cycle below. Can you relate to it? If so, you are among many others at Fulshear who also struggle within this cycle.

Let’s talk about how drug and alcohol abuse may begin. You may make the decision to use substances or drink when you are celebrating, then it may turn into using to deal with days you feel sad and/or hurt. Before you know it, you are drinking, and/or using to deal with things on a daily basis. You do not have to live in continuous shame, guilt, and sadness.  Addiction is something you can learn to understand and cope with, while living a sober life. This can be achieved if you make the choice to ask for the help that is needed.  Fulshear Treatment to Transition can help you become a healthy, strong, and independent young woman.  You may not always feel becoming healthy, strong, and independent is possible, but it is if you allow Fulshear staff to do what they do best, help you realize your potential.  

Diane Monroe LCDC-I, LPC-I