Equine Therapy at Fulshear

Life at Fulshear 

At Fulshear, we have a variety of special horses who love their job! A typical day at the barn consists of Horse Chores AKA “Equine Spa Time” as the clients coined it. The horses are groomed and massaged during this time and they sure love the attention. After Horse Chores, we start our Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.  We’d like to introduce you to our horses: Tex, Cookie, Wendy, Gabby, and Sky. During Equine Assisted Psychotherapy or EAP, we take a group of clients out to the barn for Equine Therapy. EAP is a group therapy while using horses and people as well as an Equine Specialist and a Primary Therapist.  We use the EAGALA model while practicing EAP. EAGALA stands for Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association.  The great thing about EAP is that it is all focused on the ground and you are not required to have any horsemanship skills.  EAP is a great form of therapy to help you focus on and relate to your real-life situations while working with horses.  We use horses for EAP because they are so intelligent and sensitive, that they are able to pick up on human emotions and feelings.  Horses will often mirror your behavior or actions, and this is what makes EAP such a wonderful experience. In addition to doing therapy with our horses, you will also get to take them out just for fun too. During riding time you will have the opportunity to spend your time with the horses.  You can ride the horses, brush and groom them, or just spend quality time with them. The horses enjoy being able to be apart of all of those things.  We have some horses who ride English and some who ride western. Most of our horses used to be rodeo and pleasure riding horses. We also have horses for beginner horseman and advanced horseman, so no need to worry. There are opportunities for you to learn and grow together.   

Lucy Austin, Equine Specialist

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