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Fulshear Treatment to Transition East

A gender-inclusive program serving young adults ages 18-24

Our Mission:

To provide opportunities for each young adult to restore their personal power, choose a personal design for their life, and create positive influence in their community

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Beginning on September 10, 2019, Fulshear Treatment to Transition will partner with Calo Young Adults. Fulshear Treatment to Transition is a national leader in residential treatment and transitional living for young adult women. Fulshear has led the way in young adult attachment work and has been recognized as one of the country’s most admired programs.

Fulshear Treatment to Transition and Calo Young Adults both provide cutting-edge trauma treatment for young adults through a developmental trauma and attachment lens. This lens restores dignity, personal power and relational alignment to those young adults who have sought answers to mental health challenges for years.

At Fulshear Treatment to Transition East, you will live with other clients and develop that special camaraderie that comes only through sharing challenges in an environment that offers success to those who are willing to work hard. You will partner with staff who will encourage you to succeed at accomplishing what ever goals you’ve set for yourself. At the same time you are striving to make changes, you can enroll in college classes, volunteer, or look for part-time work.


Fulshear Treatment to Transition East promises you the opportunity to regain the hope you once held for your future. We invite you to create with us a unique plan that will redefine your direction and help you discover the person you’d like to be.

The journey begins in the milieu where treatment reflects a natural and age-appropriate process of growth and change. With the support of clinicians, mentors and our entire team, you will find your unique path to adulthood.

Take the first step today.

Meet the Team

fulshear-Nikki Headshot

Nikki Garza



Crystal Williams

Executive Director

fulshear-Helaine headshot

Helaine Sandler

Admissions Director


Tania Silvia

Clinical Director


Jennifer Wood, QMHP

Program Director


Meghan Andrews, MSW, LCSW



Ashlynn Morgan, MS, LPC, CRC


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