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Nice ‘N Easy

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As promised, here is one of the original poems from our “Coffee House Rock Night” this past Monday.  One of our young women shared several poems and others blew us away with their powerful voices as they sang some of their favorite covers.  Staff and clients enjoyed pastries, cupcakes, cookies, coffee and tea as we cheered the performers on.  It was a fun filled night, full of laughter and music.


Nice ‘n Easy

If only my life was nice and easy.

If only that was the way of things.

I’ve learned,

That to have a nice and easy life,

Takes work, hard work.

If only life was always nice and easy.

Perhaps it’s only a state of mind.

I’ve learned that to achieve this state,

One must try.

Or perhaps it’s just as simple as

Changing your perspective of life.

Perhaps it’s only a turn of accepting the inevitable.

Change your thinking,

Change your sense of the world,

Easy Does It.

By Aly












In light of today being World Mental Health Day we also wanted to honor the young women who so courageously choose to face their fears and pain both at Fulshear and those across the world. Mental Health continues to have so much stigma associated with it. It is heroic what our young women choose to do each day. A few of Fulshear staff commented about how much courage it must have taken for them to be vulnerable at our Coffee House Rock Night and share their talents with such a large group. As they shared their gifts they liberated others to do the same. A few of the young women, not on the program, jumped up at the end shared their talents of singing and dancing.

The girls are gearing up to raise awareness on Mental Health as they participate in a 5K Race.  We will definitely keep you posted.  We would love to hear what you are doing too!

Take the first step today.

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