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Healthy, Strong & Influential

Fulshear’s mission is to help launch healthy, strong and influential women. This begins on The Ranch where you’ll separate yourself from the noise around you and focus on your own personal health and well being. Specific assignments are given to help teach and encourage the idea of personal health. These assignments are part of your therapeutic and community work. We want you to live out the following definition of Healthy:

Healthy women

know how to care for themselves. They understand their emotional, spiritual and physical needs and have learned to create balance with appropriate and healthy self-care. They understand their core meaning and live accordingly. They know their personal worth and value and are not influenced by those who would degrade or demean them. When they feel out of balance they take steps to restore their health.

Following a period of time on The Ranch, you’ll transition to the apartment community. There you’ll focus on issues related to personal strength and influence. Again, assignments are given to help you live with strength according to the following definition of Strong:

Strong women

have internal strength. They are a force for good in their own lives and are respected by others because of their ability to maintain their health and act out their values. They do not waver in decisions that would compromise their integrity. They act with effectiveness, moral power, firmness and competence. When they feel a lack of strength they revisit their personal values, reevaluate personal decisions and restore their strength.

Prior to completing the program you’ll demonstrate the ability to positively influence those around you. Your influence will impact your community, family and all other relationships—you’ll live according to the following definition of Influential:

Influential women

are a compelling force for good. They influence their family, peers and community in ways that contribute to the benefit of those groups. They influence the people around them in ways that provide better opportunities for themselves as well as others. They discover that they can have positive influence in the moment. Influential women perceive how lives can be improved for generations to come because of their efforts. When they feel a lack of influence, they assess the quality of their relationships and their own health and strength.

The HSI (Healthy, Strong, and Influential) program is a goal for life.


Healthy, Strong and Influential | Fulshear Treatment to Transition

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