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Furthering or finishing your academic education is important if you want to be self-sufficient and independent. You might be surprised by how much emphasis we put on getting you to advance your education. We do it because achieving an academic goal—whether it’s earning a GED, professional certification, or bachelor’s degree—will help you plan for success after Fulshear. Academics are critical to emerging from our program with a strategy for the future.

Not every woman who comes to Fulshear has the same academic history, abilities or goals, and so we develop an individualized academic plan for you. Our education staff will assess your academic status, strengths and goals. With your input, we’ll construct a specific plan of academic coursework.

If you’d like to prepare for and apply to college, you may take college prep classes, standardized test-prep courses (SAT, ACT) and standardized tests. We’ll help you put together and submit college and/or vocational school applications.

Personalized education plans are constructed from a wide range of academic offerings that include:

  • Independent Study: Accredited high school classes are available through Wharton County Junior College, University of Houston, Texas Tech, New Haven High School, your home school district and other reputable schools with distance learning options. College level classes are available through the University of Houston, University of Texas and Wharton County Junior College. If you choose independent study coursework, we’ll assist you with course selection and instructional support. You can use these courses to retake previously completed courses for a higher grade, earn credits to complete high school, or work toward a college degree.


  • Home High School: Your home high school may allow you to complete your coursework at Fulshear independently, under the supervision of Fulshear’s education staff.
  • Equivalency Exam: If you qualify, you may study for and take a high school equivalency exam (GED) through nearby community colleges.
  • College or Vocational School: You have the option of applying to and enrolling in a local college, university or vocational school as part of the transitional living portion of our program.
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