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Not every woman who comes to Fulshear will take the same path. Some need treatment before they can transition, while some require only our support as they learn to create their independent life.

Based on the care team’s clinical assessment, it is possible that you might skip the ranch experience completely and go straight to our Sugar Grove apartments for your transition experience. Our compassionate staff will provide varying levels of support, tailoring care based on your specific needs.

Unlike other types of transition programs, our average length of stay in independent living is six to eight months. This longer timeframe affords you the opportunity to settle in, get comfortable, and get a strong handle on learning to manage an independent life, as well as work on career aspirations or further your education.

Work Life

Work Life

In final phase of the Fulshear program after you’ve moved to our independent-living apartments in Stafford, Texas, you can apply for employment in the community. You’ll be responsible for identifying and pursuing job prospects with the staff there to support you. We encourage you to pursue employment based on a balance of factors, including related experience or education, availability, wages, and relevance to your personal passions and future plans.

Stafford, Texas, offers a diverse abundance of employment opportunities including positions at professional offices, schools, hotels or restaurants, and much more. Successful employment will require you to take the workplace and life skills you have acquired at Fulshear to the next level. You’ll earn a wage, maintain your own bank account and manage your personal finances. When you graduate from Fulshear, you’ll have a vision, plan and  the life skills to pursue a career.


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