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Individual and Group Therapy

Individual-and-Group-Therapy | Fulshear Treatment to Transition

At Fulshear, each client participates in individual and group therapy. Our therapists are experts who provide a variety of treatments customized to you. During individual therapy we focus on your personal issues and sustainable solutions, work to build a trusting client-therapist relationship and monitor your progress.

We talk to our academic staff, your therapists and counselors about your progress, gather the information together and create a treatment plan made just for you. This care team approach makes therapy more successful. Remember, you’re not alone with your personal challenges.

In talking with other women, you gain a better understanding about your style of interacting and the behaviors or attitudes you may unknowingly present to other people. Our group therapy sessions help to create a sense of safety and support. In this setting you can take what you learned individually and learn how to apply that knowledge with other people.

You’ll attend groups designed around specific issues, such as body image, addictions, attachment/adoption, eating disorders, depression, PTSD, anxiety, personality disorders, relationships, personal skills, healthy sexual boundaries, as well as academic success strategies.

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