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Lory Kistner, LCSW


Lory is a native Texan and glad to be home, recently moving back from Arkansas.  She received her Bachelors degree in Community Health Education in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  She worked in the mental health field after graduating and soon realized that working with children, families and adults was more than a job and started pursuing a Masters in Social Work from UALR.  She often says, “my career is a hobby/life mission that I get paid to do.” Lory has a very diverse work history. Throughout her professional career she has worked in residential settings for children and adolescents, therapeutic foster care, out patient care for adults, and at a school based program for children and adults with acute mental health needs. In addition, Lory has medical social work experience with NICU and physical rehab. 

In her spare time, Lory enjoys spending time with her family, playing with the dog, having a picnic on the living room floor for Pizza Family Movie night! Phrases you might hear Lory say are, “right here, right now” (stay in the moment), and “the monotony of life is the important part.” Lory says, “I’m a better person and a better therapist since having my child.” Lory wants to honor and keep the perspective of family members when the young women go off to Texas with strangers.  Lory also feels passionate about modeling how to be a strong, healthy, influential woman to the young ladies at Fulshear.

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