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Patti Johnson

Transition Specalist

Patti grew up in Montana, but has spent all of her adult life on the move. She’s lived on both coasts of the US, traveling heaps in between, in addition to spending more than a few years living in Alaska as well as abroad in Europe. She graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelor of Science, having done in depth studies in psychology, special education, life coaching, business, and creative communications.

She came to Fulshear in early 2019 with nearly twenty years of experience leading young people and women in a variety of contexts and capacities. This includes involvement serving in the non-profit sector, special education, and business. She brings to her work as a Transition Specialist a deep passion for Fulshear’s mission, vision, and values, as well as an abundance of faith, compassion, enthusiasm, and creativity.

In her spare time, Patti enjoys photography, videography, reading, traveling, anything outdoors, and spending time enjoying life with her husband and six children.

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