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The Fulshear Life-Skills Program

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Fulshear is an innovative treatment and transition program that helps prepare women ages 18 – 24 for the demands of young adulthood.

The Life-Skills Program at Fulshear is designed to facilitate self-sufficiency in preparation for independent living after graduation.

The program is comprehensive in scope and includes experiential and classroom-based curricula and instruction in the following areas:

  • Employment and Workplace
  • Education
  • Finance and Budgeting
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Communication Skills
  • Transportation
  • Organizational Systems and Time Management
  • Personal Safety
  • Volunteerism and Community Engagement
  • Accessing Government Services

Combining classroom and small-group instruction with experiential field trips allows Fulshear clients to practice new skills in a real-world context which, in turn, helps them generalize their learning to life after Fulshear. Young women at Fulshear learn to take care of their own practical day to day needs at local banks, post offices, governmental offices (such as the DMV), grocery stores, universities, financial-aid offices, and employment agencies.

Clients also spend time visiting museums, attending cultural events, and volunteering at assisted-living facilities, animal shelters, and other community-based institutions. These trips not only serve practical and educational purposes, they also help young women bond with each other and have a fun, normalized treatment experience.

The latter phases of the Life-Skills Program focus on the practical tasks necessary for independent living after exiting the program.  The program focus shifts toward transitional tasks such as securing housing, arranging for continuing education or employment, and planning concretely for the financial realities of independence.

Shawn Webb, Life Skills Coach said, “It is amazing to witness the incremental growth our young women attain as they participate in the Life-Skills program and continue on to graduation from Fulshear Ranch Academy and entry into an enriching life beyond.”

The Fulshear Life-Skills Program seeks to empower young women by providing them with the instruction necessary to develop everyday life skills that will support a productive, rewarding, and fruitful life.

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