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Run With the Horses at Fulshear Treatment to Transition

Has traditional psychotherapy treatment and methods proved unsuccessful for you? Consider reaching out to Fulshear Treatment to Transition about our equine programs. Working with horses on our ranch, just outside of Houston, has demonstrated significant success with our clients. We help you get to know and understand how to ride, walk, and take care of these majestic creatures. While it is more common to see other animals such as dogs and cats as support animals, they do not offer the benefits of working with horses. Even those women with equestrian backgrounds have something new to learn from our Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy programs. Give us a call today for further questions or to schedule a visit to our ranch.

woman hugging horse

Equine Programs Offer New Light in Therapy

Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP), also called equine programs or therapy, helps clients build relationships and give them responsibilities. We use this paired with traditional therapy options to provide patients a breath of fresh air in their mental health journey. Working in the barn gets them out of a traditional therapy setting and helps teach them teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. Below are some of the disorders we have helped with using EAP at Fulshear Treatment to Transition:

  • Addictions
  • Mood-related disorders
  • Learning difficulties
  • Eating and food disorders
  • Grief and loss
  • Trauma (including post-traumatic stress disorder)
  • Bipolar
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

The Horses at Fulshear Treatment to Transition

We have a trained professional on staff to teach you everything you need to know about riding and caring for these horses. Take a chance to meet them below:



Shelbee is an 14-year-old female and a true teenager at heart. She had a difficult time transitioning to life on the Ranch, having never left her mom and sibling or even seen a cow before, but after 3 years of being part of the equine team she has settled in nicely. Shelbee is very pretty, and she knows it, but not always the most confident despite being the alpha female in the herd. In fact, she is often very anxious having struggled with abandonment and is fearful of being left alone. She tends to rely on others for safety and security, seeking out a connection in healthy ways and sometimes through a crisis. She loves to be pampered and given attention, bath time and having her mane brushed out are some of her favorites. Shelbee is a great teacher when it comes to lessons on codependency, emotional regulation, connection, and healthy attachment. She resembles so many of our ladies here and many have related to Shelbee, recognizing more and more about themselves as they spend time with her.



Tex is a 27-year-old male who packs a major punch in a small size. Although he may be on the “smaller” size, his heart is as big as his name (Texas). Tex’s past is just as mysterious as he is, but he is one of the OG members of the herd here at Fulshear. Tex often stands alone, appearing distant from his herd and people. However, he is confident in himself and his place. As far as relationships, Tex sets high expectations and will test others before getting close. Sometimes he, unfortunately, ends up pushing people away out of his fear of abandonment. Tex values consistency and commitment in his relationships, which helps to build trust and ultimately the opportunity for a lifelong connection. Tex keeps his space very tidy and prides himself in having the cleanest stall in the barn. He loves to people-watch and is very curious about his surroundings. So much so, that when left to his own devices, he has coined the nickname of “Houdini” after figuring out how to escape his stall. Tex demonstrates daily how trusting relationships must be earned and are not freely given. He offers respect for those who work with him, and in doing so teaches the ladies at Fulshear that they too deserve to respect themselves. His loyalty is a quality that should be cherished. Boy, do we love our Texas.



Bonus is a 23-year-old male horse, although he believes he is a Great Dane. He came to Fulshear having been a lesson horse at a pristine show barn, but Fulshear is more his style. His playful nature is beyond compare, and he makes friends with everyone. Bonus is known for having conversations with the cows in the neighboring pasture, and he loves to roll around especially in mud puddles. His desire to please others in relationships can get the best of him, resulting in a lack of boundaries. He will push your boundaries and let others push him. This can sometimes lead to him having many surface-level relationships and going to a place of compliance instead of cooperation. When he does genuinely connect with someone and find that partnership, he is excellent at providing space to feel safe and process emotions. A connection is truly what fills his bucket and shows us what it’s like to love others unconditionally. Bonus encourages us to be in tune with our inner child while recognizing the importance of having personal boundaries.


Dudley is a miniature horse whose age is unknown. He was rescued by Fulshear’s Equine Specialist and spent a year on her family’s ranch before becoming a part of the herd at Fulshear. He is very confident in himself and strives to keep healthy boundaries with all those he encounters - horse or human. However, he is welcoming and generous with affection. Dudley spent many years alone with little attention or connection, making him very grateful for the wonderful life he now leads and the love he gets from Fulshear's clients. His past of being alone, ignored, and only fed just enough shows how resilient he is - he still seeks connection and relationships, though is wary about letting others too close, hence his strong boundaries. Dudley demonstrates how to live in the moment and value the healthy relationships we make along the way. He is excellent at teaching the clients at Fulshear that they are worthy of connection, love and respect, no matter what their paths in life have been.


Fender is a 10-year-old Thoroughbred who has competed in two official horse races.

After his less-than-illustrious racing career, he was surrendered to the Humane Society of North Texas...which is why he has a "HSNT" brand on his shoulder. This brand is kind of like a tattoo that will help him get back to the humane society if he ever finds himself in need of saving...but we won't have to worry about that for him again now that he is safe with us.

He was first adopted by an individual who after owning him for a few years could no longer afford to care for him. He may have also experienced harsh training during this part of his life. He was surrendered again to an equine humane society in our area.

He had gotten pretty skinny, but his foster family gave him lots of food to help him gain weight. Talking about food, he really likes food and is enjoying all the extra hay he is already getting at Fulshear.

He really wants to do the right thing and can get a bit nervous if he doesn't think he is pleasing you. Lots of connection, attunement, security, and commitment will help him be the best version of himself that we believe he can be. He really is a good boy and likes lots of attention and connection. However, he can be reserved once you really start to interact with him.

Meet Molly Freemantle: EAGALA-Certified & Licensed Therapist

Molly Freemantle is a licensed therapist and an experienced EAGALA-certified (Equine Assisted Growth And Learning Association) specialist. Molly has dedicated herself to taking the reins on the equine programs at Fulshear and has worked with horses and clients for several years. Even if you are afraid of horses, Molly can help you get comfortable and see the benefits of our equine program for women.

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