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Being prepared as you transition into independent living is possible. Our life skills program is designed to help you become successful in practical ways.

Living on your own requires a lot—things you might overlook. These include managing your finances, interviewing for a job, cooking, and maintaining a relationship with roommates. You may be excelling academically, but these other stresses in life can be overwhelming and have the potential to sabotage your progress.

The best way to learn life skills is through experience. From the first day you arrive at Fulshear, you’ll be given responsibilities designed to teach competence and self-sufficiency.

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Phases of Independence

As you enter the independent living phase of the program, you’ll manage a personal budget, plan and shop for your own meals, assume household and campus leadership responsibilities, and mentor new clients.

In the final phases of the Fulshear program, you’ll move to the Fulshear apartments in Stafford, Texas. It’s here that you’ll continue your relationship with your Life Skills Specialists, who will work hand in hand with your therapist to help you meet your treatment goals. They’ll continue to facilitate experiences for you that will help increase your confidence, self-esteem, and tolerance of uncomfortable situations and feelings. You’ll practice interviewing skills, prepare a résumé, learn personal scheduling and time management, and create a strategic plan for work and school. Living in the apartments will test your newly acquired skills in real-world situations with the benefit of staff and peer support.

Living Independently

At this point, you’ll be living independently. You and your roommates will be responsible for managing your individual finances, and balancing work, school, and recreation. Your treatment team will help you cope with challenges, manage relationships, and achieve a balanced and manageable life.

Toward the end of the program, you’ll create goals for the future and a plan to make them a reality. When you have the life skills, initiative, personal vision, maturity, and overall wellness to transition, you’ll begin the process of stepping into the rewarding life you have designed for yourself—the life after Fulshear.

Take the First Step Toward Lasting Independence