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apartment complex

Transitioning to Life in the City

After building health and stability at Fulshear’s tranquil ranch, you will transition to the program-leased apartments in Stafford, Texas, just minutes from Houston.

apartment living room

Work and Learn in the Country’s Fourth-Largest and Most Diverse Metropolitan Area

At the apartments, you will live independent of support staff with two to three roommates and take on the responsibilities of shopping, cooking, and managing personal space, all while pursuing further education and/or a job. Houston is home to several world-class universities and has the fastest job growth of any city in the country. It is also the most diverse city in the country, home to people from all over the world. Even though you’ll live independently, support is never out of reach. Here you will continue you your journey with your treatment team.

Your treatment team will work with you through individualized support and programming so that you can continue to be successful on your journey to true independence.

Take the First Step Toward Lasting Independence