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Young Adult Treatment: a Checklist

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Young Adult Treatment: a Checklist

With the recent proliferation of young adult treatment options, it can extremely difficult to navigate your options.  Following is a list of items to look for in a young adult treatment program to help you identify a quality solution for your young adult.


Single Gender

The research is clear: single-gender treatment is faster and more effective than co-ed treatment—especially for young women who struggle with trauma, eating disorders, or sexual issues. Yes No

Treatment First

Starting with a robust treatment experience gives young adults the skills, healing, and confidence necessary for experiential, life skills training. Yes No

Experiential Learning

Experiencing real-world employment, college, and independent living along with 24/7 support is the most effective way to build confidence and learn the skills necessary for autonomy. Yes Yes

Individualized Duration

Different young adults have different treatment needs.  A residential treatment program should adjust its therapeutic approach and program length accordingly. Yes No


Young adults need more than academics, vocational training, and therapy to succeed. They must learn to integrate healthy recreation, healthy diet, spiritual engagement, and exercise to achieve long-term wellness and success. Yes Limited

Qualified Staff

A quality residential treatment center for young adults should have a staff that includes: a psychiatrist (MD), a registered nurse, master’s level therapists, licensed clinical supervisors, A Ph.D. level psychologist, a dietitian, a recreational therapist, certified teachers, and certified staff for all special programming (e.g. certified equine therapist). Yes Varies

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