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Residential Treatment and Transitional Living Program for Young Adult Women+

Fulshear Treatment to Transition is a residential treatment and transitional living program that enables young adult women+ like you to become healthy, secure, and integrated. This is your journey.

What We Do

We treat young adult women+ struggling with depression and anxiety, as well as mood, personality, addiction, trauma and attachment disorders. Using techniques that do more than correct or replace behaviors, we focus on creating lasting change.

Who You'll Meet

Fulshear is a place of comfort and healing. It’s a loving and challenging environment where you’ll develop trusting, caring relationships with the staff and other clients. Staff and clients will guide, encourage and inspire you to be the person you want to become.

Three Main Components of Our Program



Healthy women have come to understand their emotional, spiritual, and physical needs. They know how to create balance. They understand their core meaning and live accordingly. They know their personal worth and value.



Strong women have internal power. They're a force for good and are respected by others for their ability to maintain health and live by their values. They act with clarity, moral authority, fortitude, and competence.



Influential women act as a dynamic agent for change. They inspire excellence in their family, peers, and community. They encourage those around them to seek opportunities that better themselves and others.

“If you’re looking at Fulshear, my advice would be to take that leap and just do it. You just have to show up, you don’t have to be perfect. You can be at rock bottom like I was, but as long as you’re willing to help yourself and have any glimpse of hope to get better, Fulshear is the place for you…”

– Rose, Fulshear Alumni

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