Women Like You

Our Purpose

Our staff has one purpose: to use their professional training and experience to help you achieve lasting independence.

Like you, Fulshear clients are women in their late teens to early twenties. Each of them is trying to establish an independent, self-sufficient life. They come together to share stories and find support from others who are struggling with similar issues. At Fulshear, you will become a support system for the women you meet here during and after the program.

Staff and Clients Working Together Toward Health and Independence

A fundamental part of the Fulshear philosophy to healing is based on building close relationships between the women involved in the program and the staff. The treatment team is comprised of specialists with decades of experience working with women with emotional and behavioral struggles. They are clinical experts who offer psychiatric intervention, support, and tailored medication management, and include therapists and counselors, professional educators, life coaches, mentors, and certified equine specialists.

Take the First Step Toward Lasting Independence