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Furthering or finishing your academic education is important if you want to be self-sufficient and independent. We do it because achieving an academic goal—whether it’s earning a GED, high school diploma, professional certification, or bachelor’s degree—will help you plan for success after Fulshear.

Work Life

In the final phase of the Fulshear program, after you’ve moved to our independent-living apartments in Stafford, Texas, you’ll be responsible for identifying and pursuing job prospects with the staff there to support you. We encourage you to pursue employment based on a balance of factors, including related experience or education, availability, wages, and relevance to your personal passions and future plans.

Stafford, Texas offers a diverse abundance of employment opportunities including positions at professional offices, schools, hotels or restaurants, and much more. Successful employment will require you to take the workplace and life skills you have acquired at Fulshear to the next level. You’ll earn a wage, maintain your own bank account and manage your personal finances. When you graduate from Fulshear, you’ll have a vision, plan and the life skills to pursue a career.

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Furthering Your Education

Not every woman who comes to Fulshear has the same academic history, abilities, or goals, so our life skills specialists and you will develop a plan that will be right for you.

You’ll be able to attend college or vocational school while living in our apartments, as well as finish high school/GED if you have not yet finished. If you’d like to prepare for and apply to college, we can help you get set up to take college prep classes, standardized test-prep courses (SAT, ACT), and standardized tests.

Take the First Step Toward Lasting Independence