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Alicia Pace, MEd, LPC-I, NCC


Alicia is from Anchorage, Alaska and spent her childhood and adolescent years living in third world countries; she lived among diverse cultures as well as experienced the shared human commonalities. Alicia earned her Bachelor of Business Management from the University of Houston-Downtown and spent over a decade working in leadership positions. After realizing that most of her time was spent empathetically guiding her peers through transitions and challenges on a daily basis, she decided to make a career change to utilize her full potential and passion. Alicia earned her Master of Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Houston-Victoria. Apart from her management experience, Alicia also has worked with at-risk females aged 12-17 in a trauma-focused residential treatment center; working with clients with anxiety, attachment disorders, depression, and conduct disorders. Alicia was most recently, a residential supervisor at Fulshear while completing her state licensure process. She is a true believer in the Adult Attachment Model and the generations that can heal from this treatment modality.

Alicia is passionate about working with young women, integrity, family systems, multicultural counseling, healing trauma and shame and finding one’s authentic self. Alicia believes that transitions create opportunities for individuals to strive and become healthy, strong, and influential. Alicia’s long term goal is to pursue a PhD in Counselor Education. In her free time, Alicia loves cooking, traveling with her boyfriend, studying ethnicities and cultures, reading non-fiction, hiking and is a railroad enthusiast.

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