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The Ranch

Fulshear is on 34 acres we call The Ranch. It’s nestled in the peaceful countryside just south of Houston, Texas. This is where you’ll live when you first arrive. The campus is an ideal location for intensive healing as its peaceful environment evokes emotional safety and change.

The Ranch is an opportunity to heal—to safely exploring how to become a healthy and independent young adult. With 24-hour staff support, the ranch is a comforting and secure place to reconcile, restore and rebuild yourself.

While at The Ranch, you’ll live in both a large ranch house and smaller, cozy cottages. Physical exercise is a primary part of ranch life. Tending the horses, going off-campus to the gym and other activities help you renew your body and restore your physical health.

All women living on the Fulshear ranch maintain a similar schedule. To get a fresh start on each new day, we require an early rise during the week, while giving you some extra shuteye on the weekends.

Each day, you’ll help take care of the animals and enjoy breakfast together before tending to responsibilities like chores and personal hygiene.

We optimize the schedule to nourish your mind, body and soul, building into each day therapy, meditation, academics,  and healthy education. Staff lead these groups in the morning, during exercise time, horseback riding and life skills—even free time.

We encourage bonding through cooking and meal preparation, crafts and games, and Girl’s Night Out off campus outings. To ensure a connection to family is maintained, a designated time is set aside every day for emails or phone calls.

  • Healthy Education Groups (cooking, peer connection, leadership group and experiential groups, mentoring with the transition clients)
  • Exercise
  • Horsemanship
  • Hygiene
  • Cleaning & life skills
  • Therapy Groups
  • Horse Chores
  • Phone and email time
  • Weekend off campus outings
  • Free time

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