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Dear Friends,

Welcome to Fulshear! I know, it’s crazy to be here. Honestly, it will probably remain crazy to be here throughout your whole stay. However, let me make myself clear. This kind of crazy is a good thing. You will meet girls and staff who will have a lasting impact on your journey, both at Fulshear and as you continue on your journey upon your graduation from Fulshear. Personally, my experience at Fulshear has been life changing. In no way has it been perfect. There were certain things about the program that I didn’t always agree with. I do believe that will be the case wherever we go. What’s really important is that you focus on what you do agree with, and find what works for you. There were countless challenges and road blocks. Whether it was a conflict with a girl or staff member, or a personal struggle of mine, the challenges came and went. It is really important to seek guidance when you’re going through a difficult time. You are not in this alone. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, having built in care and people who are there to support and guide you on your journey.

My time at the ranch was incredibly healing, as well as frustrating at times. Inevitably, you will come across girls whose personalities do not mesh with yours. As frustrating as that may be, this is an opportunity to learn how to respect someone who may never become your best friend, or friend at all. I can’t stress enough how important it is to take advantage of what is offered. That includes attending and participating in every group, seeking guidance and asking for help, and pushing yourself to do things you may not want to do, like becoming vulnerable in front of a group of people.

When I was ready to transition to Sugar Land, I was super excited. For me, and I believe most girls, the transition is overwhelming. The schedule here is different. There is more freedom, and a bit less structure. You will be interacting with a new group of girls, and it may take time to get used to the community and everything that goes into it. Keep in mind that feeling overwhelmed is completely, 100% normal. Again, seek guidance and support during this time! When I moved to the apartments, I was super excited! It felt great to have that level of independence. About a month into living in the apartments, I was sent back to the ranch. The treatment team didn’t feel that I was on a healthy path. I was furious. I felt that I had, in a sense, failed. I was trying to get away with things, and I was caught. I spent a week at the ranch, and it ended up being really helpful. No, it’s not fun to go back. But it’s important to not fight against people who are trying to help you. They may not always know what’s best, which in that case, I do believe it is crucial to advocate for yourself. However, I suggest keeping an open mind and open heart to other people’s feedback, especially your peers, considering they are around you most often and see your actions from an outside perspective.

I believe it boils down to determination, patience, and hope. If you come in here not wanting help, you will most likely be miserable during your stay at Fulshear. Trust me, I saw that kind of thing all the time! Take it from someone who was at Fulshear for eleven months. The discomfort and pain you feel is worth every second when you come to a place in which you finally feel healed, and I guarantee that if you work the program and work your butt off, inner peace and a sense of healing will come.

Please feel free to contact me via Fulshear if you have any questions or if you need some support.

I wish you well on this journey,