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Fulshear strives to assist young women to enter into their next stage of life.  Fulshear recognizes that the next stage of life can raise anxiety for the client as well as the family.  In becoming more independent, the change will impact each family member as well as the family as a whole.  Fulshear also recognizes that the change will not only impact the client but everyone else.  Fulshear’s goal is to assist the client in reaching a greater sense of autonomy and independence by relying less on the family of origin.  In doing so, the client will learn to rely less on the family for economic, emotional, and intellectual needs.

During family and individual sessions, Fulshear strives to understand the multigenerational pattern that is currently present for the family when dealing with stress.  Changing this pattern and developing new functionality will assist the family to become more flexible and adaptable to this new stage of life.   In addition, it is important that Fulshear and each family member recognize the family and family member’s anxiety and worry about this next stage of life.

Fulshear is committed and eager to embark on this journey with the client as well as the family.  Although the client is impacted by this journey, family members will experience change through the process of adaptation.  Therefore, individual therapy for each family member can be useful for the family as a whole.

Michelle Gutierrez, LMSW